Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Sharing The 2MM - WISGAT - What Is So Great About That!

I received a private message from an Ambassador who is very active in Ocean Avenue and very successful at doing home parties. She wrote me to ask if I could help her on a three way phone call about the 2 Minute Miracle Gel  -  what it is and what it does.  Of course I was happy to help.  In our discussion she mentioned that she can do demos and host parties all day long, but the other day a new prospect asked her on the phone "what is so unique about this product and what does it do that other skin care products don't?"  When asked, she said she froze.  She couldn't think of what she was supposed to say and didn't even know where to start.  

The 2 Minute Miracle Gel does so many things but yet she couldn't find a starting point in the conversation.

I could personally relate.  When I bought my first Mail Boxes Etc. store I trained extensively for a month and a half.  I worked along side the current owners and I even attended their mandatory two week Mail Boxes Etc training school in San Diego.  So, I knew that business inside and out and trust me it is a complicated business because it does SO many things in one business.   But the very first day I officially owned the store a new customer walked in and said "what do you do here and how are you different than the post office or UPS?" - I FROZE!!!!!   I was like a deer in headlights!  I could not think of anything to say and didn't even really know where to begin.  I didn't have what my husband and I now (many years later) call WISGAT!  

What is a WISGAT? - It is an acronym for What Is So Great About That?

In any sales driven business (sales, advertising and marketing) you only have what experts estimate to be about 30 seconds in order to engage someone.  And, your challenge is not only to make them want to listen but to help them understand, remember and act on the information.

This brings me back to the acronym WISGAT!   Have you ever talked to someone and all they did was talk about why something was important to them or why they liked something that they were trying to sell you on?   They didn't tell you why it was important or good for you.  Lets face it, if something does not benefit us personally and directly - chances are we will not be interested.  This is just human nature.

So, it is really important for you to have a WISGAT that you construct that is concise, encompasses and highlights features and benefits.  You can then close the sale with why it is important to that person.  Now take a moment here and think about what you may say when someone asks you about the 2 Minute Miracle Gel - or even Ocean Avenue in general.  Do you have a WISGAT?

My suggestion is to come up with your WISGAT -  practice it and know it.  I am going to give you a suggestion but you can modify yours to your comfort level.  When someone asks what the 2 Minute Miracle Gel is you might say "it is a product that can replace 7 other skin care products that you (your wife, girlfriend, sister) may be already using so it is going to save you time and money.  But best of all it will instantly take your skin from dry, dull and lifeless looking skin to smooth, bright, glowing and younger looking skin - in just two minutes!  You will see the instant transformation right in front of your eyes and it does this 100% of the time."  

Now, at this point I like to watch their expression. If I see they are listening and I have piqued their interest - I would continue with . . .  "What is great about it is that it is made to work with ANY other skin care product line you are already using and it will make your other skin care products more effective.  You can become a customer and use this product yourself.  Or, It is also available for people like you and me to resell and make money on it the way the developers of this product have for over 12 years! That is what I am doing now and I love it!  You can't believe how easy it is because people love this Miracle Gel.   Let me show you how it works!

Once you demo the product and know they want to learn more you can always talk in more detail about the ingredients, the science, the history of the product and other information that is a little deeper and a little more complex. But keeping it simple is the best way to attract more interest. Remember when you present a WISGAT with any feature, you are sure to peak someone's interest and hold their attention to make a stronger connection!

For more information see www.wowmiraclegel.com

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