Monday, 20 October 2014

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This article could be just one of your triggers!
A Trigger, Not a Cause
Actually, there is evidence that rosacea (pronounced "roh-ZAY-sha") is caused by a genetic and an ethnic predisposition -- it runs in families, typically those of fair-skinned heritage such as Irish, English, Scandinavian, Scottish, and similar descents.
But alcohol is among the scores of different triggers that can prompt or aggravate rosacea flare-ups in some patients. While drinking causes fewer reactions than "the big three" -- sunlight, heat, and environmental stress -- a new survey shows that just one alcoholic drink can trigger problems in two of three patients.
And, according to the survey of 700 patients by the National Rosacea Society, some drinks are worse than others. The percentage of patients reporting a skin reaction after drinking:
•Red wine, 76%
•White wine, 56%
•Beer, 41%
•Champagne, 33%
•Vodka, 33%
•Tequila, 28%
•Bourbon, gin, and rum, 24%
•Scotch, 21%
Perhaps the most significant finding: Nearly nine in 10 patients say they now limit their consumption of alcohol because of their rosacea, and 90% of those say it has helped reduce flare-ups.

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